Spoiler: Same Plot with an 8 Figure Budget

If you have read any of the historical blogs going back a few years on our website, you will know I’m not a fan of the reseller model executed by most broadcast and print entities in the digital space.  A true, tech-based, digital agency is not trying to create the evening news or write an op-ed on your corner restaurant.  So why is your newspaper claiming the have a “Digital Expert”?  Simple they don’t.  They are using a third-party company and dropping names like google.  The small business they are selling gets very expensive ad words or Facebook buys with usually nothing else.  For the most part, there is no Data gathering, no Business intelligence, no KPI’s, no strategy and no ROAS Plan.  This is because the goal of the newspaper/Broadcast entity is one thing- to hit a budget.  It was kind of like a cheap horror movie- Low budget and really messy.

So enough about that- want to see a very simple way a good AdTech agency is different- check out this video before you read on and send me a DM if you’re not getting this for the company you’re buying your digital from.


Fast forward a few years.  Digital-Ignite, I’m proud to say, has been blessed with growth and notoriety within our small corner of the lumascape. We have grown from a small local agency to regionalizing, to this year- putting our big boy pants on- and landing significant fortune 1000 accounts in multiple verticals. 

This is where the sequel to the horror movie was produced- exact same plot- a much bigger budget.  As DI broke heavy into both Consumer-Packaged Goods and Tour and Travel this year, our main competition went from the local CBS affiliate to Madison Avenue Agencies.  We were going from a few thousand a month to, in some cases, 1000x that amount.  However the team on the other side of the fence, In this case, some of the biggest agencies in the world, with some of the “biggest names and reputations in the advertising industry” (yes they tried to counter with that when they had nothing left) were simply doing google ad buys… at margins that in my humble opinion were borderline unethical.  (hey someone has to pay for that skyscraper in NYC) End of this chapter- we have several very happy clients that are using our tech and getting actual intelligence and leads/sales of the projects.  Same plot as the original Horror movie, just with a lot of money spent on frills. 

So here is what you need to ask your big agency today if you’re going to spend at least a million dollars with them:  Why are we only using only X network (usually google or Facebook).   Why are we buying a network and not people?  Why are you using these networks and not the entire Lumascape? What data and strategies did you use to execute this campaign? Show me.  How are you evaluating this campaign beyond clicks and impressions?  Compare that to National averages for my vertical.  What business intelligence can you build and develop for me as part of this buy?  Show me the profiles you have/are building out for me.  What are you doing to evolve my supply chain with this data?  What leads/Sales are you generating? What is my ROAS?  Compare this to the average and how are you going to grow it.

Anytime you are talking a million-plus on a campaign your agency needs to be able to hand you direct clear answers and strategies to every question above within 90 days of the campaign starting.  Unfortunately, with some of these bigger agencies, they simply will not get off the couch for that level of money to do the right thing.  If you’re in this situation- my friend you’re in a big-budget digital horror movie.  Hit me up today.

Cyber Monday Special, I’ll bring my business partner, Chris Clark, who kind of looks like Tommy Jarvis (killed Jason Vorhees in Friday the 13th movies).  It’s what we call win-win in a situation like this.