There is a common saying by Warren Buffett referring to the “three I’s”, which categorized how people act towards new ideas: the innovator, the imitator, and the idiot. Have people noticed that they might be the idiot when it comes to the digital world? Many people do not consciously realize that the attention span of humanity is decreasing due to the increase of technological advancement, but perceive it as repetitious dialog that generations, before the millennials started entering the workplace, tried to comprehend. If you want to be on top of your game you have to stay updated with technological advancements because it is of our society if you want to ignore it or not.

Technology is as important as learning basic skills in preschool; if you have realize it, children are knowing how to work an ipad at earlier learning stages and don’t forget the saying, “Do you have games on your phone?” meme. This effect on human development is creating a divide of who can keep up with the survival of the fittest. Technological intuition is becoming a necessity with the evolutionary embedding process in which humanity is not backing down from.

As human beings, we are always fascinated with the new and improved, thus explaining in great detail the transformation of life stylistic choices that have progressed since the 1900s. From that centry, each decade was known for an era, such as the ionic 70s, 80s, and 90s. As the 2000s crept around the corner, known era’s are becoming more like known years or couple of years due to technological advancements. With the ever changing “new trend”, individuals have to routinely stay updated to not be left behind.

From individuals, politics, and companies, everyone is trying to get a grip on what the new era withholds. In stressing about the importance of how technology has evolved in society today, have the people of this day and age realized where they are categorized in the upcoming era? It is evident that our everyday lives are surrounded by the crumbs left behind from the innovators even though a majority of us did not search for a clue in explaining why certain technological advances have came towards an uprise.

These innovators are digital giants that market lifestyle choices, but in reality help evolve technological knowledge that the public rely on. For example, Digital-Ignite is an adtech company that specializes in navigating their clients toward understanding technological techniques that increases the momentum of the client’s business. They stress the importance of having a technologically savvy business that is armed and ready for the next societal era that many companies have not realized yet. Keeping the ball rolling, their ongoing relationships with clients is like the really cool kid sitting beside you in class that comes in clutch if you have any problems.

With the ever changing problems of attention-juggling in the technological world, it is always useful to be associated with people who understand what is going on and potential catalysts. Association is always key in evaluating your rate of personal growth. Surround yourself with people who are hungry for knowledge because consumers take into consideration the improvements that a company has made in order to grow. Within the “three I’s”, how would you categorize yourself if the digital world called to ask?

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