As many people are talking about the fancy buzzword “programmatic”, they are becoming aware of the personal interest related ads popping up on their technological devices. From searching for updates on sports teams to music festivals with their favorite artists playing, companies are focusing on the interest of the consumers rather than the activity that they have on websites. Many people view digital advertising as a customer focused idea, but it is mainly to promote the business world and to measure how effective a company’s marketing strategy actually works.

Recently, one of our sales team members emailed his friends and family informing them on the new wave that companies are utilizing to improve their businesses, as well as giving them the opportunity to network with the forward looking company, Digital- Ignite. He describes, “Digital-Ignite, who is hyper-focused in programmatic digital advertising, which is light years beyond more common methods, such as social advertising on Facebook and search engine optimization (SEO).” In his help, this promotion of a different advertising method is like having a new high tech toy before it becomes normalized.

Knowing the game before it’s being played is a huge ordeal in the business world because it separates your company as being on top. Knowledge is key and he informs through a summary that, “In [a] nutshell, we collect and analyze your data in order to build a smart audience to serve targeted digital ads to your customers while they are surfing the internet.” To not just know the evolution in marketing, but making sense of how it works, updates business owners by building their intellectual capacity on the new age.

Building to evolve with the changes of society, marketing and sales techniques are in a ripened time for change as well. Businesses now have the capabilities of understanding who their audience is through technological advances and the help of artificial intelligence (AI). The way Digital-Ignite understands and utilizes this transitional period amongst the relationship between businesses and technology is like a marriage counselor. By going into detail he explains how, “Our data-driven approach allows us to remove up to 80% of the people whom would not benefit from seeing your ads.  We take the remaining 20% of your target audience and serve them ads with specific messaging to raise awareness about your brand, to generate leads, and/or to act as a point of sale (for e-commerce).” Making a businesses’ brand flexible with specified messages gives the audience a personalized approach in wanting know more about the company.

Brand approach is key in grabbing and retaining a businesses’ audience because attention the the new scarce currency within society. In understanding that concept, the best way to put it into use is understanding the demographics and lifestyle of your target audience. “ Whether they are using their cell during the day or an iPad in bed at night, we can reach your audience and engage them with your messaging, ultimately leading to a conversion and return on your advertising investment”, he says. Capitalizing on a greater return on investment (ROI) is the main focus of why businesses are utilizing the ad tech company, Digital-Ignite, to navigate further towards the technological world.

The reason the Digital-Ignite is one of the top leaders in their industry is because they “offer a fully transparent dashboard for campaign tracking and your attribution.” This is a way for companies to track their growth over their lifetime with Digital-Ignite and plan out their future endeavours to be most effective for their company. Ending his email with, “If you or anyone you know could benefit from our services and are interested in having a conversation, please let me know”, grasps the true culture of Digital-Ignite because having an authentic conversation is who they are. As most companies communicate with the idea of a business transaction, this company separates themselves with their genuine personalities of wanting to help others towards a common goal of improving like an ideal leader would.