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Markets and Services

Our reach extends across business to business (B2B) business to consumer (B2C), direct to consumer (D2C),
and agencies. Our services include data science-informed digital and traditional marketing.

Data Science

Attribution/Conversion Tracking

Customized Data-Informed Strategy

Custom Data Profiling

Custom Reporting Dashboard

First Party Look-Alike Modeling

Organic Website Data Modeling

Predictive Analytics


1M+ Data Segments

Access to 200+ Data Exchanges & Publishers

Adobe Suite Partners

Certified: Facebook, Google, IAB

Custom Stack Strategy

Deals with All Major Demand-Side Platforms

Device ID Technology

Multi-Channel Programmatic Stack




Brand Building

Brand Architecture, Positioning, Strategy

Brand Naming, Identity, Logo Design

Competitive Analysis

Market Research

Reputation Management
Audience Modeling

User Experience Strategy


Audio & Video Production

Creative & Copy writing

Custom Landing Pages, Website Development

Experimental Marketing


Social Media

Mobile Apps



Behavioral Targeting

Buying: Digital& Analog, Billboards, TV, Radio, Print

Connected TV/OTT

Email Automation


Influencer Marketing

IP& Wi-Fi Address Targeting

Native Advertising

New Movers Tech

Pre-Roll Video Ads


Sponsored Social Medial

Streaming Audio



B2B and B2C

Whether you have a business or an end consumer target, reach them at the right time, while delivering perfectly tailored messages informed by data science that ensure conversion and retention.


Direct-to-consumer (D2C) channels offer deep insight into consumer behavior.  Digital-Ignite Advertising data science helps brands determine which consumer segments prefer to buy direct from retailers and why.
Customer intelligence can help companies make better decisions about their D2C efforts and provide
the necessary insight to help their retail partners sell more.


Digital-Ignite Advertising also collaborates with agencies to become smarter data science-informed marketers by providing them with actionable data science tools and insights that help them improve their client’s advertising, media and marketing decisions, strategies and tactics to deliver the most efficient, cost-effective and precise solutions to achieve their business KPIs.  This ultimately helps agencies improve their client relationships, results and competitiveness.  Our intent is to become another revenue stream for your agency by adding another tool to your arsenal.

TradeVue Ignite

TradeVue Ignite is the result of our partnership with TradeVue, the top performing appraisal platform in automotive. TradeVue is used by thousands of dealers, vendors, and marketing companies throughout the country.

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