Has a car ever cut in front of you disrupting how content you were? This feeling is equivalent to unwanted ads that pop up while you are on the internet. Exhilarated in bliss, you are deeply infused into your curiosities not realizing that creeping up next is an abrupt ad. Agitated in confusion of its relevance, you quickly search to remove it from your screen.

Carlos M. Gutierrez, Jr. wrote an article in the Huffington Post in 2017 saying that, “Surveys have found that two-thirds of internet users viewed online advertising in a negative light, with users having used “annoying” and “distracting” as the most common ways to describe online advertising. Furthermore, many consumers are taking matters into their own hands to avoid unwanted marketing and using ad-blocker technology to filter out advertising; accordingly, in 2016 ad-blocker use grew by 30 percent.” To transform unwanted ads, digital marketing has developed into personalized ads to maintain viewers attention. In doing so, viewers are more involved in their own personal wants and needs with the supplementary help of offers to explore out of the viewer’s usual choice of interest.

Instead of having the agitation of an uninterested ad pop up, like an annoying flea you want to shoo away, marketers are keeping your interest in mind for a smooth steaming process. This heightened awareness gives the opportunity for marketers to stay people focused while continuing the uprise of technological advancement. In not losing who humanity is, it is sacred that marketers are geared towards the viewer’s interest and aid in their lifestyle without hindering qualities of it.

The viewer’s interest is embedded into the technology that they utilize on an everyday basis, which provides the overflow of information that big data researchers can analyze. Adtech became a functioning asset for companies to understand marketing through the knowledge big data. “The growth of digital advertising and its corresponding hurdles have spurred entrepreneurs to develop systems and processes to facilitate digital advertising, track results, and optimize effectiveness.”, says Gutierrez. Tracking big data involvement accompanied by a companies interest in reaching the right people is the platform of Digital-Ignite.

As Digital- Ignite one of the leaders of ad tech marketing companies, they may seem as if they are behind the scenes of many big named companies. Do not let their comfort and trendiness be deceiving; their involvement is the reason why many companies are publicly known today. Digital-Ignite understands what viewers want and what it takes to expand on multiple levels of the adtech spectrum. Their ability to quickly grasp concepts of the next era defines their character, as well as the simplicity in which they are able to explain information. Coming in contact with this company, it is known that they are positive influencers to the people they are associated with. Maintaining that positive atmosphere is not only influential to the companies or brands that they help navigate around cyberspace, but to the viewers as well to increase enjoyment of everyone’s interest.

Credit to: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/technology-has-changed-advertising-forever_us_599c64d4e4b09dbe86ea3764