As technology is embedded in our everyday lives, companies are gaining the capability to stretch their creative ideas to increase their consumer base. These creative ideas are from understanding the negative connotation of unwanted ads and how consumers invest in ad blockers, which gives companies leverage by transforming ads into a personalized experience. Personalized ads that grow with the interest of a consumer’s lifestyle aids the consumer and keeps a company relevant to the momentum of our ever-changing society.

Changing with technology, Forbes posted an article by Nick Lynch who questioned, “Is The Evolution Of Digital Ads Creating A Way For Better Advertising?” In his article, Lynch brings up the topics of native and content ads. Native ads flow with the stream of information that runs down a consumer’s feed, as well as being a hidden ad behind what the consumer clicks on. Lynch also describes this type of ad as an, “interactive educational experience or a video series” that increases the consumer’s engagement. As engagement increases, the company increases their involvement by using Content ads, “where brands create valuable content like videos or blogs”, says Lynch. These ads are loaded with enough information for the inquisitive consumer to have a peaked interest willing to invest in the company. Having an understanding of these two ad approaches changes the evolution of digital advertisement to not only sell the company, but to incorporate interest of the multiple consumers while providing a realistic experience for consumer awareness.

Digital advertising is the next open door to society’s new era by keeping consumers aware of lifestyle progression. With understanding these concepts of better advertising and retaining consumer attention, Digital-ignite helps navigate companies toward the right direction to help fulfill exponential growth within companies. Our service is to aid the blurry understanding of big data analytics for companies to grasp a better concept of their involvement with consumer engagement. Giving companies the awareness of which direction they are going, our team provides the assistance of tracking and giving steps for a successful future.  

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