Visit Myrtle Beach
Case Study

Visit Myrtle Beach

Visit Myrtle Beach sought to captivate visitors who had previously vacationed elsewhere, highlighting its distinctive atmosphere and array of unique activities. With attractions like the vibrant beachfront boardwalk, delightful souvenir stands, and restaurants, along with 60 miles of picturesque coastline, Myrtle Beach provides an unmatched vacation experience awaiting new adventurers to explore.

Myrtle Beach


Through a campaign called “The Art of Convincing People to Have Fun,” Myrtle Beach’s vibrant charm and diverse attractions were highlighted and paired with compelling narratives to entice visitors to experience its lively atmosphere all while making unforgettable memories. Potential travelers were encouraged to choose Myrtle Beach for their next vacation by visiting and offered a chance for one lucky traveler to win a free trip.

Unique Emails
Collected from the giveaway entry form
New Website Visitors
Higher View Rate
Video views compared to the industry average


Through a series of videos and the implementation of a digital strategy, we drove people to, resulting in: over 50,000 new website visitors, 6,565 unique emails collected from the giveaway entry form, and a 54% higher view rate of video views compared to the industry average at the time of the campaign.