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Case Study

Cogswell for Mayor

William Cogswell and his campaign team approached Digital Ignite with the goal of increasing his digital presence and activating voters for the upcoming Charleston Mayoral 2023 Election. The campaign needed a dynamic and targeted approach that would effectively encourage his first party data lists to get out and vote and also clearly communicate his message to a broader internet audience segments by making an effective impact across all media platforms.

Cogswell for Mayor


Digital Ignite built a multi-channel digital marketing strategy to address the problems faced by the Cogswell campaign.
  • Holistic Approach: Utilized multiple online media channels including Meta, OTT/CTV, YouTube, Google Search, Programmatic ads, and Text Message campaigns.
  • First Party Data Lists: Leveraged Cogswell’s existing first party data by filtering their lists based on their previous party vote and serving relevant messaging to the right audience.
  • Effective Creatives: Worked alongside Cogswell’s creative team to deliver a mix of compelling creative that clearly communicates Cogswell’s vision and values to the most relevant audiences segments.
  • Sequential Messaging: Delivered a series of creative messages that aimed to guide voters through the approach of firstly, building awareness through informative and positive messages. Next, we engaged with the audience through retargeting tactics and more in-depth content like endorsement, articles, personal stories, and events. Lastly, we activated voters with strong call to actions and personalized communication via text message campaigns.
  • Real-time optimization: Continually monitored and optimized the campaign based on real-time analytics tools.
Mayoral Win


Key Success Points: 
  • Won the Charleston Mayoral Race
  • Increased awareness
  • Activated both the supporter base and new voters