Case Study

Ticket Sales and Brand Awareness Campaign

Clemson challenged us with a 4 game campaign looking to help sell inventory in the higher tiered sections of Death Valley. Even before the Covid Pandemic, ticket sales for college football had been on the decline. With Clemson ticket sales experiencing a  -6.5% year change in 2021 (, we wanted to see if our modern marketing tactics utilizing a combination of programmatic and social strategies would help move the needle. We are pleased to say we had tremendous results and, most importantly, Clemson was thrilled.


Digital Ignite had the amazing opportunity to work with the highly-notable Clemson Athletics Department. Our goal, over a 2-month period, was to increase the amount of ticket purchases to Clemson’s home football games. Through a multi-channel strategy consisting of programmatic and social media advertising, the Digital Ignite team was able to reach loyal Clemson fans, target new purchases, and provide insights to the Clemson team about their audience.



Digital Ignite was able to sell 100% of the seats in the sections allotted to our team while also growing brand awareness and a retargeting audience. We were able to provide Clemson with valuable information about their average ticket purchasers. Because of the success of the campaign, we are delighted to continue to work with the Clemson Tigers on upcoming sporting events.