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Your Golden Ticket is Most Likely Already in Front of You

Why do big companies, and I mean big as in top ad agencies and major media conglomerates, step into a realm beyond their core competency? This is because they are good at what they do when in fact they are just dabbling with the new media buzz word “ Digital”. Clients...

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Starting 2019 Off the Digital-Ignite Way

As 2018 gave us a whirlwind of exciting technological advances and the GDPR,  we thought it would be interesting to start the year off with giving you a brief update of how 2019 is starting off. Here’s a breakdown of an article called “10 Digital Marketing Trends...

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Being A Google Partner and Five Bucks will Buy you a Coffee

Let me start by saying that being a “Google Partner” is not a bad thing. What is a bad thing is when you’re dealing with a company that treats Google like it is the “be-all and end-all” for digital marketing. Google is really, really good at a few things: search,...

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Now Let’s Think Programmatic in the Business Mindset

As many people are talking about the fancy buzzword “programmatic”, they are becoming aware of the personal interest related ads popping up on their technological devices. From searching for updates on sports teams to music festivals with their favorite artists...

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The Digital World Is Calling: Why Are You Late?

There is a common saying by Warren Buffett referring to the “three I’s”, which categorized how people act towards new ideas: the innovator, the imitator, and the idiot. Have people noticed that they might be the idiot when it comes to the digital world? Many people do...

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Differentiating Consumer Ads

As technology is embedded in our everyday lives, companies are gaining the capability to stretch their creative ideas to increase their consumer base. These creative ideas are from understanding the negative connotation of unwanted ads and how consumers invest in ad...

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Making Sense of Digital Cost

Making Sense of Cost Variance in a Digital RFP If you’re a Business Owner, CEO, CMO or Marketing Director plunging into the new Digital market and your most recent RFP, you may have one running question… How are the per unit costs varying so drastically in all the...

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