Let me start by saying that being a “Google Partner” is not a bad thing. What is a bad thing is when you’re dealing with a company that treats Google like it is the “be-all and end-all” for digital marketing. Google is really, really good at a few things: search, G-suite, YouTube. However, there have been several shots they have taken that fell short (i.e. social media and Glass). There are also several areas that they are average competitors in, such as their display exchange, DoubleClick for partners.

A digital company who uses just one exchange, one provider, or one partner has not done their homework. Here is the problem with it. When you are buying SEM, or pay per click (PPC), or video direct from the sole vendor, you’re subject to their pricing and placements rules. This has trickle-down effects to all your KPI goals of your campaign.

The solution is to make sure your digital company is bidding all major exchanges and supply portals against each other. As we have spoken about in the past few blogs, a good programmatic strategy is about people, not sites, or networks. In fact, most major sites have multiple supply vendors bid multiple suppliers against each other every time a page loads. Google is less than 14% of the supply side and often now has to bid against 3 or more suppliers on major page loads.

Here is the great benefit with working with a stacked deck approach. Those exchanges you see pictured to the right in the image above? We have agreements with all of those. And if you’re working with a good digital provider, you will too. If Google costs too much money? Then, we go to the next exchange. If Google does not win the bid? Then, we buy from the exchange that does. It’s about the Right PERSON, at the Right TIME with the Right MESSAGE.

Lastly, working with one partner allows your competition to corner you. If you’re just with google PPC, and your competition knows it, they can bid your placement up so high that you burn through your budget quickly with mediocre leads.

Make sure you work with a digital company that takes a “stacked deck” approach. Stacking multiple exchanges against each other in the bidding process. Make sure they are stacking the deck in your favor. If they are lacking, contact Digital-Ignite today!