Navigators of the Digital World

We ignite brands and help navigate them through the digital
world way beyond just doing the obvious tactics.

By offering marketing capabilities while using your data and innovative technology practices, Digital-Ignite is navigating today’s digital world and delivering focused results for business entities world-wide for clients.

Founded by a powerful team of proven traditional veterans and rising digital technology stars, Digital-Ignite’s expertise encompasses a combined century of successful marketing practice. Through this blend of knowledge and passion, a dynamic foundation was created for an agency equipped to deliver comprehensive solutions in today’s competitive marketplace with a perfect mix of traditional and digital capabilities.

Ed Seeger

CEO, President

Mike Samet

CIO, Partner

Chris Clark

VP Operations, Partner

Steve Cook

Chief Marketing Officer

Laura Houck

Senior VP of Creative

Jenny West

Director of
Account Development

Mike Haverstick

Head of Digital Marketing

Jacobo Sánchez

Creative Director

Rex Danzker

Manager of Digital 
Advertising Operations

Miranda Decker

Traffic Manager

Travis Willmann

Marketing Research Analyst

Nathan Rubadou 

Account Manager

Kaithe Clark

Marketing Specialist

Alesa Peace


Nat Davis

Senior Advisor

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